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Trial Preparation and Expert Testimony

Principal Geoffrey Laurin provides complete trial services and litigation support, including statements of claims, expert analysis and testimony, mediations and depositions, presentations of technical research and evidence, expert conferences, trial presentations and client presentations and updates. 


He knows that being an expert witness involves much more than the time spent testifying. Essential to the process is clear communication with the attorneys, paralegals and clients involved throughout the entire process. Evidence is developed on time and within budget. Investigations are thorough. Documentation is extensive, well-organized and understandable by all.


His testimony, whether at a mediation, deposition or on the stand, is articulate and persuasive. He has the ability to explain technical information in a non-technical way so that any can understand it.

Destructive Testing in All Types
of Environments 

Destructive testing may be necessary for a variety of reasons, including identifying failures of stucco or window installation or the use of defective products and materials. Testing can involve processes such as spray testing, which requires removal of drywall or stucco, in order to identify leaks, or core testing to identify soil issues.


Laurin Consulting has performed more than 3,150 spray tests, 150 shower tests and other forensic testing in all kinds of environments, including high-end custom homes, hospitals and university buildings. Geoff and his crew, with their experience of hundreds of tests, handle the entire process from start to finish, including setting up appropriate containment barriers when mold is at issue, and ensuring that there is swift repair of the affected areas. 


Building Envelope Evaluations

The building envelope serves the critical purpose of protecting the building interior from moisture, air and temperature changes. A building envelope evaluation encompasses through examinations of the root and the above- and below-ground wall systems. Although sometimes the signs of building envelope issues are obvious, such as ceiling stains, often it takes an experienced eye and a thorough building envelope examination to detect water intrusion, mold and other hidden hazards. 


Geoffrey Laurin has performed more than 4,150 building envelope investigations, including documentation and repair recommendations and more than 75 exterior balcony and deck evaluations. Multiple construction defect cases settled from his research, forensic testing and associated reports.

Residential and Commerical Construction


Geoffrey Laurin provides complete construction management services. Under his direction, his experienced and skilled team have built a variety of residential and commercial projects and take pride in completing projects on time and on budget.


Projects have included single-family homes, custom homes, bathroom and kitchen remodels, equestrian facilities and commercial renovations throughout the state of California and in the state of Washington. For any project, we strive to exceed our customer's expectations by deliver results on time, as expected and in the most-cost effective manner we can without jeopardizing the quality of our work and its value.